Hudson was a "DRAGON! RAWR!"

Gigi, Papa, Rissa, Chan, Ci, Grandma Moores and of course G & I all went together to watch him say the magic words, "TRICK OR TREAT". Our timid boy would immediately cover his face with hands after he said it, but I think he was amazed when the candy plopped into his bucket. It was as if he wanted to say, "Mom!! It worked!". Then he would whisper a little "thank you!" and run off.

I think overall, Hudson thinks his Gigi has the best birthday ever! It was fun to celebrate her birthday and trick or treat with the family.

And then.... the real dragon came out and it was time to get the costume off and rush to bed!

Happy Halloween!!!

Other news... My Great Grandma Ruth just turned 95! 95! Can you believe it? Happy Birthday Grandma GREAT!

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Cami said...

You didn't let him sleep as a dragon!!!?? Huds is our favorite :)