thankful for thanksgiving

to catch up a bit...

Thanksgiving was awesome- full of family, friends, food and fun. We enjoyed every minute!

there was a smoked turkey,

leaves to be raked,

chickens to admire (and a sister home from college!!),

babies to love on,

cousins to play with,

meals to enjoy,

crafting to do,

walks to take (One of my best friends ever joined us for Thanksgiving. It was so fun to have her all to myself!),

baths with cousins,

and new recipes to try (avocado shake.... the men liked it, the women did not)

plus... skeet shooting, pedicures, flashlights in the dark, painting, antique shopping (we found some awesome boots and chairs! hooray!), jamba juice, breaking dawn, black friday sales, church, and a nice long run.

and the decorations for Christmas were up the next day! I'm loving this time of year.


Cami said...

These are all awesome pictures!! Looks like a very fun time. You had such fun things planned...and even the un-planned ones look fun :) I love how all four kids are looking at the camera in the bath picture!

Joanna said...

I loved this post! It got me a little more in the holiday spirit and made me really excited to be with family for Christmas! Based on the fun stuff you did for Thanksgiving, I think I'd like being with your family for Christmas, too! =)