family prayer

Last night, Hudson was saying our family prayer (with Garrett's help).

Garrett: Please help us to have...
Huds: Please help me have candy canes!

I guess we know something to get Hudson for Christmas!


thankful for thanksgiving

to catch up a bit...

Thanksgiving was awesome- full of family, friends, food and fun. We enjoyed every minute!

there was a smoked turkey,

leaves to be raked,

chickens to admire (and a sister home from college!!),

babies to love on,

cousins to play with,

meals to enjoy,

crafting to do,

walks to take (One of my best friends ever joined us for Thanksgiving. It was so fun to have her all to myself!),

baths with cousins,

and new recipes to try (avocado shake.... the men liked it, the women did not)

plus... skeet shooting, pedicures, flashlights in the dark, painting, antique shopping (we found some awesome boots and chairs! hooray!), jamba juice, breaking dawn, black friday sales, church, and a nice long run.

and the decorations for Christmas were up the next day! I'm loving this time of year.



Hudson was a "DRAGON! RAWR!"

Gigi, Papa, Rissa, Chan, Ci, Grandma Moores and of course G & I all went together to watch him say the magic words, "TRICK OR TREAT". Our timid boy would immediately cover his face with hands after he said it, but I think he was amazed when the candy plopped into his bucket. It was as if he wanted to say, "Mom!! It worked!". Then he would whisper a little "thank you!" and run off.

I think overall, Hudson thinks his Gigi has the best birthday ever! It was fun to celebrate her birthday and trick or treat with the family.

And then.... the real dragon came out and it was time to get the costume off and rush to bed!

Happy Halloween!!!

Other news... My Great Grandma Ruth just turned 95! 95! Can you believe it? Happy Birthday Grandma GREAT!



Happy Birthday to HUDS!

We are so happy he is a part of our family, forever!


halloween decor

I have been crafting a few simple halloween decorations and it has been really fun, especially because I have some great friends to do it with!

the middle print off is from here and the other print offs are from ms. martha.

these print offs are also from this blog, which I officially love. She has such great print offs.. for free!

and Hudson wanted to wish everyone a handprint happy halloween!

ps- I went to the Texas State Fair for the first time. I will post about it soon... but I just wanted to say I did eat the fried butter, and I'm still alive.


a few Hudsonisms:

-plugging his ears and shouting "hear me, mom?!"
-taking off all the rubber ends on the door stoppers and putting them on his fingers
-saying "that's excellent"
-trading toys with friends... "trade please"
-"mom, let's play together"
-He calls his porsche toy car a "porsche-UP" (like a push up!)
-loudly roaring at the table and then saying "lion mom" or some days it is "dinosaur mom"
-when Hudson says prayers, and mom or dad (coaching him along) is making it a long one, he quickly says "amen!" to help it finish up faster... it always makes me laugh
-loves to sing "little seeds" and "sunbeams"
-"run in circles!!" followed by, you guessed it, running in circles around the living room
-Hudson has been asking a lot about his cousins being married... The other day he said to me, "mom, Ivy married?" and I said "no, not yet!" and Hudson said "I married temple"
-H was eating a bowl of cookie dough ice cream one night, and all of a sudden he had a very concerned look on his face. He looked up at me and said "bird poop, mom?" We had just learned about bird poop being on our deck... and I guess the white ice cream, chocolate chips and cookie dough reminded him of it! He didn't eat another bite, even after I assured him it was NOT bird poop!


Cousin Love

My dad just sent me this picture from our trip to disneyland (April 2011). I think it is so cute! I love that they love each other!


early birthday party

Many of Hudson's friends share his birthday month... October! So one awesome 2-year-old-with-an-october-birthday mom had the idea of doing a big group party. It was a blast! All 5 of the 2 year olds, or soon-to-be 2 year olds looked they had a great time. I enjoyed getting the party ready and planned with the other mom's... even though some of the things didn't go as anticipated (thanks to the crazy wind!) it was lots of fun!

Our little Hudson is a bashful boy lately (as you can tell in the last picture). He talks, laughs, makes jokes, plays, wrestles and is a wild man at home, but when he is around lots of people he is very reserved. We have heard that his daddy was similar as a little boy! :)

Hudson loves to tell us his shapes, play with cars, spin in circles, run fast, eat all things fruit, go outside, dance, play catch, look at babies, go potty on the toilet for a lollipop
and roar like a dinosaur. He's a fun little man and we sure do love him! We can't believe in a few weeks he'll be two! Where is time going???