early birthday party

Many of Hudson's friends share his birthday month... October! So one awesome 2-year-old-with-an-october-birthday mom had the idea of doing a big group party. It was a blast! All 5 of the 2 year olds, or soon-to-be 2 year olds looked they had a great time. I enjoyed getting the party ready and planned with the other mom's... even though some of the things didn't go as anticipated (thanks to the crazy wind!) it was lots of fun!

Our little Hudson is a bashful boy lately (as you can tell in the last picture). He talks, laughs, makes jokes, plays, wrestles and is a wild man at home, but when he is around lots of people he is very reserved. We have heard that his daddy was similar as a little boy! :)

Hudson loves to tell us his shapes, play with cars, spin in circles, run fast, eat all things fruit, go outside, dance, play catch, look at babies, go potty on the toilet for a lollipop
and roar like a dinosaur. He's a fun little man and we sure do love him! We can't believe in a few weeks he'll be two! Where is time going???


Cami said...

What a handsome picture! (the one with the pumpkins) I can't believe how big he is getting!! His cake is awesome!! Sounds like a fun party.

Marissa Coco Richmond said...

so cute. love the pictures